I’m a mother to three daughters and one son, living in Australia.
Wife,daughter,sister,fellow citizen on this planet journeying through life making quiet and sometimes not so quiet observations through various forms of creative expression.
My aim is to lead a more joyous and juicy succulent life and to laugh,a lot,out loud at the weirdness that is everywhere, especially inside my head so they tell me.
My goal here is to share some of what I feel, think and experience and perhaps take others on a little trip down Alice’s hole into the world inside my very busy mind.
Ok, so that’s the boring stuff over with.

I write songs with titles like “Does my ass look big in these jeans”, “Breasts”, “Man Boobs”, “My designer Vagina”…..You can go here to listen -


(Some of it is serious stuff. )
And when I’m not singing about body parts I’m shimmying and shaking my own as I attempt to learn how to belly dance. At 44 it’s quite a hilarious sight… and sensation.

I have one blind dog and one other who is almost blind, one very chilled cat who eats broccoli, one very strange and sometimes ditsy (her father says we’re like peas in a pod) teenage daughter living at home, who never shuts UP, and one grunting, oddly morphing man- child who is so lazy it’s a wonder he can summon the effort to keep on breathing.

The eldest daughters have flown the coop (“Thank God!” Says my husband…but I’m a sucker for punishment.)

My husband is completely opposite to me. He’s almost as laid back as the man- child and doesn’t understand all the chaos in my mind, but after 25 years of marriage I still make him laugh and shake his head, a lot.  We annoy each other frequently (he has such weird habits – like having to have TV and radio volumes only on EVEN numbers) but over all somehow our differences work, like some strange law defying puzzle.

We have a home based business making candles. It’s good to have a shared interest to argue about.

We both enjoy torturing the children by forcing them to come camping with us in the remoteness of the Australian outback. No phones, no i pods (no i anything) We love making them suffer in a technologically barren landscape.